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We offer a bespoke approach, providing tailored solutions that reflect the diversity of the customers we serve. Sev Necati Training is committed to delivering the highest quality "Business Confidence", Personal Safety and Conflict Management training in the industry.

Sev Necati Training worked in partnership with the Fit for Legacy programme East London Business Place to assist female SME's win new business and bigger contracts!

Our innovative programme "The Self-Esteem Programme" focus's on improving female's business confidence. We deliver workshops and seminars which support female business owners, women in business as well as those that run charities, community groups, and not for profit organisations.

"This workshop has been inspiring. I would like to implement this into my work / business and life. I am hoping for the best."


"Superb! Thank you!"

"Fantastic workshop, really liked the how the speaker dealt with some of the questions."

Our Personal Safety and Conflict Management training is beneficial for all your staff and management, especially to those that are lone workers, carry out shift work and customer facing roles.

Sev Necati Training works in partnership with Barclay's Wealth. Barclay's Wealth is a leading global wealth manager, and the UK's largest, with total client assets of £169.5bn, as at 30 June 2011. With offices in over 20 countries, Barclays Wealth focuses on private and intermediary clients worldwide, providing international and private banking, investment management, fiduciary services and brokerage.

The training helped the staff and management, to feel safer on the streets. Learn awareness and avoidance skills, plus techniques in personal-safety. It improved the confidence of all those staff that participated and provided thought provoking discussions

Are you are interested in training staff on personal aspects of staying safe in the workplace, whilst socialising, going to meetings, travelling aboard and leaving work?

If you are, then learn from an expert in the field that understands the real fears and concerns of the people you work with. You will receive added value benefits, such as less time off for stress and other health issues.

In addition meeting your health, safety and welfare regulations of employees act and equal opportunities and personal development policies.

"Sev delivered two excellent and informative sessions for our Women's initiatives Network here at Barclays Wealth. She put participants at ease with her open presentation style and helped build the confidence of the attendees around the topic of street awareness. I would highly recommend Sev to any organisation looking to educate their staff in this arena."

Charlotte Fry, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator. Barclays Wealth

"Informal but serious aspect, for example, talking seriously about attacks."

"Excellent presentation, clear, covered all points"

"I liked the techniques to deal with someone approaching you and how to deal with different situations"

"How you use your adrenalin. Good presentation and conviction"

"Practical examples, which focused on real life"

"Excellent delivery and ideas"

The training can easily take place during lunch hours and / or after work.  All courses are tailored to suit learners needs.

Work place stress levels are possibly higher then ever in the current economic climate.  Employees are concerned about possible redundancies, pay cuts, and having to work increasingly hard.

In times like this we tend to see a rise in the number of allegations of bullying and harassment.

Train staff to deal with conflict management so they are more equipped to deal with it effectively.

It makes good business sense to build a workforce that is competent and confident and that's what training gives you.

You can book your Training Courses online using Paypal.

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