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Sev Necati Training run by SEV NECATI

Adults, young people, children, organisations and companies can benefit from several of our courses and talks including, those that focus on personal safety and conflict resolution, self-esteem and confidence building or anger and stress management solutions.

Do You Want To Feel Safer?
Training can provide practical, simple real life tools, techniques and information to you about threat awareness and avoidance. How to effectively manage risk and resolve conflict. The training increases your self-esteem and confidence, so you can feel safer. It can provide a forum where you can share your experiences, find new strategies to change the way you resolve difficulties. The training helps you feel empowered to stay safe in a working environment and in your community. 

Do You Want To Feel More Confident?
Anyone that comes into contact with the work will acquire self-respect, find new strategies and tools that work and they can use in their everyday life. To stop violence or the fear of it by feeling more confident and in control. 

Do You Want To Reduce Your Fears?
Understanding why you have fears and how to alleviate them can have benefits to your overall wellbeing as well as creating more positive relationships with others.   We will show you how.

Do You Want To Be Able To Manage Conflict?
Understanding yourself and how you perceive the environment can assist you to be able to learn to manage conflict. The techniques you learn are advanced and can be used in managing relationships.

Do You Want To Be More Assertive?
The training assists young children, young people and adults currently experiencing emotional and behavioural distress and any forms of violence. To focus, explore problems, work through feelings of inner conflict, improve relationships with others, gain a better understanding of themselves and the situations and develop strategies to manage change. All of this will assist you in becoming more assertive.

Sev Necati Training

More about our multi-award winning organisation Sev Necati Training.
Sev Necati Training has been involved in much highly commended and award-winning work: including Exceptional Outstanding “Business Diversity Award” Two years in a row and Outstanding “Business Person of the Year Award” Including many Entrepreneur Awards. 

“Warrior Women” which was the winner of the Increasing Safety award at the Mayor’s Domestic Violence awards.  The project is included in the Domestic Violence 2007 Annual report, “category one: for increasing the safe choices for women and children”, including self-defence and empowerment work.  All women that attended this course said in their evaluations how they had felt more confident after the training, how unaware they were of their rights and how they felt empowered after the training.

Sev Necati Training has had high profile collaborations including: The Metropolitan Police, The British Transport Police, The Home Office, Haven, Suzy Lamplugh Trust, The Jill Dando Crime Science Institution UCL and Team Hackney.

Sev Necati Training has worked with some of the most economically and socially deprived boroughs. 


Sev Necati Training have given hundreds of hours working in local communities volunteering to pass on vital knowledge and experince.


You can book your Training Courses online using Paypal.

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